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Established in May 2004, BITZH has moved into the new age of rapid development. By engaging actively in international cooperation, BITZH has developed academic exchanges and cooperation with many overseas institutions. All the full-time students have the opportunity to study abroad via the system of these interschool cooperative relationships. Besides, exchanges and collaborations with universities in European countries and Australia are on the increase. 
Exchange Program and Visiting Program
At present, BITZH has student exchange programs with overseas universities. Students will study at the cooperative universities for one semester or for a whole academic year. It is expected to raise students’ international awareness and strengthen their communicative skills.
Dual Degree Program (2+2) 
BITZH has entered into partnership with many universities in different countries and regions including Monash University in Australia, Bryant University in America, Saint Mary’s University in Canada, etc. on extensive cooperation in faculty, credit transfer, and other special programs. Students would be conferred dual degrees from both domestic and overseas universities if they meet the requirements for academic degrees.

Source:International Office   Updated:2013-10-28