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International students have the following options of study at BITZH:
(1) Undergraduate degree-granting programs;
(2) Exchange students program (non-degree granting)
(3) Short-term Chinese Language Programs.
Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health, with valid passport, above the age of 18, and should abide by Chinese law and the regulations of BITZH. They should also respect Chinese social customs.

(1) Undergraduate Program: Students are required to complete the curriculum between 4 to 6 years and fulfill the designated number of credits. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the bachelor's degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee in Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai (BITZH).

Study period and Academic Schedule
The normal period of study for each program is as follows: 4 years for undergraduate degrees. Students may, in particular cases, reduce or extend the duration of study upon application.
BITZH divides every academic year into spring and autumn semesters, with the latter marking the commencement of the academic year. The autumn semester starts in September and ends in January of the following year while the spring semester begins in February and ends in June.  There will be a winter and summer vacation every year. The summer vacation usually lasts 2 months. The winter vacation lasts about 4 weeks and normally follows the schedule of Chinese New Year.
Requirement of proficiency in Chinese language:
Students are required to take the Chinese language proficiency exam after registration. Only those students whose results meet the standard are allowed to take specialty courses, otherwise they are suggested to study Chinese in the International College for Chinese Language Studies for one or two semesters. For those who have already received the certificate of the HSK (Hanyu shuiping kaoshi) level 6 or above, the Chinese language proficiency exam will be exempted.
(2) Exchange Students Program:
This program is considered as cooperation Program. It is jointly organized by BITZH and its overseas partner universities or institutions. Cooperation Programs are NOT open to individuals.
With regards to cooperation programs, the required Mandarin proficiency is determined upon the agreement between BITZH and individual foreign university or educational institution.
(3) Short-term Chinese Language Programs
a. Two-week Program                                              One or two weeks
b. Semester Program                                               Four months
c. Two-week Oral Chinese Training Program    One or two weeks
d. One-year Program                                                One academic year 
Requirement of proficiency in Chinese language: students are not required to take the Chinese language proficiency exam.
A. Class hours: Monday to Friday, five hours a day, twenty-five hours a week.
B. Mandarin course:
1. Language training courses: Integrated Skills of Chinese, Intensive Reading, Writing, Listening Comprehension, Spoken Chinese, etc. All courses aim to improve students’ Mandarin proficiency.
2. Experience-Chinese-Culture Activities:
Students can selective from wide-ranging activities.
1. Tai Chi, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, visits to hutong.
2. Weekend excursions to the new Summer Palace, the museum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and other historical and cultural highlights. 
Note: all cultural events are not mandatory. Expenses of trips are not covered.
C. Class arrangements: classes will be divided 3 levels—elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Students will be required to take the Mandarin placement test before they will be permitted to register for classes. Other tutorials like one-to-one, one-to-two, or one-to-three could be also arranged. Every student will have at least one language partner throughout the program.
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