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        On the afternoon of December 20, Andrea Galliverti, international enrollment consultant of Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)pays a return visit to ZHBIT. Vice President Zhen Yong, Dean of School of Design &Art, Shi Guo, Deputy Dean of School of Design &Art, Gao Zhenping and Director of International Office, He Xiaoyang attend the meeting. 
          On behalf of ZHBIT, Zhen first warmly welcomes Andrea Galliverti, and then Shi and Gao express great expectation for the international exchange and cooperation between these two universities.
       Both sides followed up the previouslydiscussedissues, and agree to start some cooperation programsnext year such as summer project, exchange students program, exchange visitors program and 2+1+1 program . Meanwhile, they reach a consensus on the enrollment requirements for students, boarding conditions, approximate expenses and so on. Andrea Galliverti indicates that next March teachers from IED will be sent to ZHBIT to elaborate on some specific programs.
        Finally, Zhen hopes these international cooperation programs can provide more opportunities for students of School of Design & Art to get in touch with advanced artistic design, and broaden international horizons, since Italy, prominent in the field of design, takes the leading position in fashion design, interior design, industrial design, furniture design, graphic design, jewelry design, auto design and so on,and IED, the biggest private design school in Europe, boasts a long history andhigh international reputation. It emphasizes manual work, innovative and practical ability in design. It’s expected that by studying in Italy, students’ designing level can be enhanced since they can integrate their profound professional knowledge with designing idea and creative thinking cherished in Italian universities.  
Source:International Office   Updated:2016-01-15