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Studying Experience of HU Dual Degree Program

      I am a senior student from School of Information Technology, who applied for the “2+2” ( Dual Degree )program with Harding University. After two years’ study in ZHBIT, I went to Harding University to continue my education. It has been a year since I left Zhuhai, and I would like to share my experience of studying in HU.
      In terms of specialized courses, I could not adjust myself to the study pattern here, in spite of the fact that I passed IELTS test. There are few Asian students in the Department of Electronic Engineering, which led to my uneasiness in classroom.
      At the beginning of the semester, it is quite important to get to know teachers’ teaching style. For instance, a professor is used to giving assignments via E-mails; however, I did not get it in class. As a result, my first assignment was not submitted on time. Without doubt, I could hardly get a high score. Nevertheless, teachers and classmates here are quite nice. I often talk to surrounding students to confirm the assignment and notes, which helps my study a lot. 
      As I gradually felt comfortable with the study pattern, study did not seem to be so frustrating any more. Basically speaking, for every course, there is a comprehensive quiz each month. The score I earn accounts for a large proportion in the final overall assessment. Don’t worry. Before each quiz,teachers will give handouts with key points listed above for students to review. As to assignments, there are not many assignments, so students can finish them without spending too much spare time. Sometimes, it is quite necessary that I go to exchange ideas with teachers, sharing with them my feelings about the lectures and scores I have got. I will get feedback from teachers, which can help a lot to achieve higher scores in the quiz.
      I am the busiest at the end of a semester. Before the final, teachers will distribute handouts to students for reference. However, compared with assignments, quizzes and in-class performance, the score in the final takes up a smaller percentage. Besides, the overall assessment also takes students’attitude and classroom participation into consideration.
      Last semester, I gradually adjusted myself to the new environment in HU; what’s more, with the help of International office, I managed to transfer credits. What’s worth mentioning is that for the overall assessment, I got an A in five courses.
      I wish all the teachers and students in ZHBIT all the best in their work and study. 
Source:International Office   Updated:2016-01-20