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ZHBIT Signed Cooperation Agreement with IED

On March 21, 2016, Professor Fernando Menerdez Coleo, coordinator of Design in Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and Mr. Andrea Galliverti, China Area Manager paid a visit to ZHBIT. Vice President Zhen Yong, Director of International Office, He Xiaoyang, Dean of School of Design &Art, Shi Guo, Deputy Dean of School of Design &Art, Gao Zhenping warmly welcomed the guests. At 2:00 p.m. a meeting was held at the counseling center of YiYue Building to hold the talk and signing ceremony.

Thanks to continuous conversations and consultation between International Office and IED, consensus about cooperation was reached. During the talk, both sides signed a long-term cooperation agreement, which included some cooperation programs such as summer camp, exchange students program (free of tuition), visiting program and 2+1+1 program. Both sides especially discussed the details about the exchange students and visiting programs,such as choosing campuses and majors, determining course types and some aspects about life in IED.
After the talk, at 3:30 p.m., Director He first introduced the cooperation program with IED to students. Then, Professor Menerdez Coleo gave a fantastic lecture on “IED Approach to Italian Current Trends: Design Thinking Method ”. Students reacted actively. Mr. Gao Zhengping hosted the interaction part, while Ms. You Yuting acted as an interpreter.

Professor Fernando Menerdez Coleo reinforced the features and ideological system of education in IED through the thorough introduction and analysis of several case studies. IED hold that students are supposed to do some research at the beginning to establish designing idea. They respect students’ ideas since ideas and innovation are personal, which deserve to be revered. They also stress that students need to come up with their own idea, draw a draft by themselves, make a model and complete a piece of work on them own. By doing all these by themselves, students can find some details hiding in the design, which are easy to be neglected. Students are also encouraged to communicate with experts in different fields, such as experts on materials and technology, so as to produce and display their work in a perfect manner. What’s more, students are required to search for information not only online but also in the library. Suppose students only surf the internet, their work is very likely to possess similar style, lacking personality.
During the interaction part, students raised a lot of questions they were interested in, for which the two guests provided exhaustive explanation. At last, Mr. Shi Guo made a concluding speech. He extended thanks to the solid support from the school authorities and International Office for the international cooperation program of School of Design &Art. He emphasized that in the context of globalized knowledge, design education should learn from the best, which includes the study of designing methods and a more important part-the study of culture. Ancient Rome and Chang An City in Han Dynasty were the centers of civilization in the west and east. At present, The Eternal City Rome and City of Art Florence are preserving its cultural and artistic heritage well, while our Chinese have regrets about it. By setting up a platform for international exchange with IED, Mr.Shi hoped students could have a deep understanding of the culture originating from Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and develops during the Middle Ages, the culture of the Renaissance and the inherited culture and art in current Italy. A mastery of diverse cultures could help students extend knowledge.  

Convivial atmosphere prevailed from the beginning to the end of the talk. 
Source:International Office   Updated:2016-03-31