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ZHBIT Signed Cooperation Agreement with Cambridge University

In January 2016, an agreement for cooperation is signed between ZHBIT and the University of Cambridge about the summer program, which symbolized the official start of cooperation between these two universities. It’s hoped that by establishing cooperative relation with this top university, students in ZHBIT could have a chance to broaden horizons, experience western culture and enhance cross-cultural communication ability.
Mr. Xu Zhimo expressed his reluctance to leave in the poem“Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again”, in which splendid scenery of Cambridge and unique campus culture are skillfully integrated. Before long, our students may also “pole a boat upstream,  have the boat fully loaded with starlight, and sing aloud in the splendour of starlight”.
Those students who meet the requirements can choose to participate in the summer program lasting from one to four weeks. So please make preparation in advance and improve your English proficiency. 
Source:International Office   Updated:2016-03-31