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Mr. Nylam GAUTHIER of Campus France Chine Visited BITZH

On the morning of March 8, Nylam GAUTHIER, person in charge of Guangzhou Center of Campus France Chine, visited our university and discussed our international cooperation and exchange projects with Campus France Chine. Zhen Yong, our vice president, gave a warm reception to him, Dean Su Bing-hua of our School of Information, Dean Lu Liang-gang of our School of Computer Technology and Director He Xiao-yang of our International Office attended the meeting.
President Zhen warmly greeted Mr. Gauthier and introduced to him our current international cooperation and exchange programs. He emphasized that our university had no cooperation with French universities so far, thus wished to launch cooperation programs with French universities through the support of Campus France Chine. President Zhen further pointed out that our current cooperation focused on summer school programs, undergraduate 2+2 dual degree programs, 3+2 or 3+2.5 accelerated degree programs. Mr. Gauthier expressed that it would be their pleasure to support and promote our communication with French universities, and the French government encouraged such university cooperation too, particularly in graduate cooperation programs and cooperative education programs. For the purpose of that, on March 24 Guangzhou Center of Campus France Chine, which is affiliated to the Consulate General of France, invited 16 famous French universities to hold a reception in Zhuhai with the aim to build a platform of mutual understanding and communication between universities in China and France.
Dean Su of our School of Information and Dean Lu of our School of Computer Science and Technology discussed with the guest about our corporation programs in IT fields and the unique engineering degree in France. Mr. Gauthier introduced that French higher education system has three categories of parallel institutions:
·Comprehensive university, elite education
·Higher professional college, usually focus on the education in specific areas, such as engineering and business
·Higher academy, almost are art, architecture academies
No hierarchy exists between these three institutions, difference solely lies in training methods.
At last, Mr. Gauthier warmly invited our faculties and students to join the reception held by French universities on March 24, specific information was as follows:
【Time】March 24 (Thursday) 9:30-17:10
【Location】Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC), Zone A,F2, History Museum
【Registration】Visit www. online registration, fill in personal application forms in English or French
【Deadline】March 22, 2016 24:00
Student with interest may apply to have direct communication with representatives of French universities online before deadline.
Introduction of Campus France:
Campus France is formerly known as the French Education Service Center, a non-profit education organization affiliated to the French Embassy in China. Campus France provides various information to Chinese students intending to study in France, assists them to apply for French or universities or colleges and issues visas to them.
Source:International Office   Updated:2016-04-12