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Taiwan TunghaiUniversity Visited Our University

On the morning of March 30, the senior councilor Yang Yi and councilor Wang Xin from the marketing department of Taiwan Tunghai University (“THU”) visited our university. Zhen Yong, our vice president, gave a warm reception to the guests. He Xiao-yang, director of our Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan affair office attended the meeting.
President Zhen firstly welcomed the visit of the two THU councilors, and introduced to the guests the general conditions of our university. The guests in return introduced the general conditions of THU. Founded in 1955, THU currently has 8 colleges, 34 departments, 1 institute, 5 research centers besides 34 bachelor classes, 35 master classes and 14 doctor classes. Furthermore, over 97% of their teachers obtained doctorates and over 90% have overseas studying experience.
Subsequently, President Zhen introduced the guests our teacher recruitment of doctor graduates in Taiwan, and explained our newly launched policies to attract excellent Taiwan talents to work at our university. As the first step, our university has recruited several young Taiwanese teachers and planned to bring along more in the future. President Zhen wished that THU might help our university build such a recruitment platform in Taiwan and introduce excellent doctor graduates to work at our university. Meanwhile, President Zhen introduced our “Brotherhood between Mainland and Taiwan” activity in 2015, which was the first time our students had experiential communication with universities in Taiwan in form of student cultural exchange camps. We will continue to host this activity this year, THU students were invited to join us. President Zhen further discussed with the guests our 2+1+1 program and student exchange program. Following that he introduced the proposed higher education exchange forum on both sides of the Strait to be held in our university next semester, and cordially invited the leaders of THU to attend it.
After the meeting the two guests visited our campus accompanied by teacher Lu Fang from our Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan affair office and teacher Li Peng-sheng from our school of information. They highly appreciated the beauty of our campus environment and the fine design of our facilities.
Source:International Office   Updated:2016-05-12