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Graduates Admission Examination of City University of Macau

(according to the BITZH Newspaper) on 23th, the graduates admission examination of City University of Macau (“CityU”) for Chinese mainland students, which was organized by our office of HongKong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs, was taken in our Ming De building. It is said that there are more than one thousand students signed up for the examination, and eventually about 250 coming from all over of the country reached our university to take the test. This examination was composed by a written test and an interviewin turn. Recommended students and those who had met the national standard (area A) could directly be interviewed. The number of admitted students in the examination is expected to be 380.
· CityU:  “sweet pastry”in the eyes ofexaminees 
CityU is the first modern university in Macau and one of the three universities there which may grant both bachelor, master and doctor degrees. Moreover, it is a World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) university member and City University Union (CU) founding member. CityU has social science school, business school, global tourism managemen school, city administration school, Portuguese school, law school and education school etc.
Student Ye who is from Fuzhou and currently doing a PhD in the UK said with our reporter, “I am coming to take the exam during my spring break. Although my undergraduate major is music, I wish to study applied psychology and develop toward music treatment with the end of improvingmyemployment competitiveness. While CityU is exactly famous for psychology teaching.” Ma Yan-rui who applied for the admission of the graduate study of world entertainment and tourism at CityU expressed that she had planned to receive further education when she was a second-year undergraduate. Since her undergraduate university was unknown, she was eager to enhance her comprehensive competitiveness for the preparation of her future employment. With regards to her choice for CityU, she explained that she wished to have some internship experience after she graduated from CityU.
· Innovated interview made the examination more humanized
Director Cai, the person of CitiU in charge of the examination introduced to the reporter that they would continue their interview by means of telephone. On one hand, this would test the reaction capability of the examinees and on the other hand this would be convenient for those examinees who live far away or have jobs too, thus examinees from all over the country might easily participate in the examination. Besides that, for the concern of the further convenience of the examinees and the fairness of the examination, CitiUalso adopted the video interviewthis year. Director Cai said that the effect of the video interview was basically the same as that of the face-to-face interview, which not only provided a lot of convenience for the examinees but also helpedhumanize the examination.
Student Liu who prepared for the CitiU MBA interview told our reporter that he believed the result of the video interview should be more fair than that of thetelephone interview, as the psychological pressure of a telephone interview could in any rate not match to that of a video interview.
· Great competition: increased number of examinees with basically unchangedadmission quota
CitiU now runs majors including business management, culture industry management, applied psychology, pedagogy, international hospitality and tourism management, tourism management etc.All of which can be granted both master and doctor degrees. This year a new service master is added. Director Cai emphasized that the number of examinees was about 200 more than that of last year, and the expected admission number was 380. However, since the recruitment process was divided into several batches, the first batch had been done, while there would be the next batch soon, so the admission number might be adjusted. With respect to the popular majors the examinees applied for, director Cai indicated that"The examinees’ favorite major this year is unchanged, business management, thus the admission quota for this major is a little bit more than that of other majors. In addition, the admission results will be released on the website of CitiU, and the examinees are suggested to visit it in time.”
Disclosed by teacher Zhou of the CitiU admission office, this year the admission number was basically the same as that of last year. The quota for master candidates was 4:1, while the quota for the doctor candidate admission was relatively competitive 5:1. CitiU would continue to uphold the principle of merit during the admission.
Source:International Office   Updated:2016-06-03