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“Wings of Engine” Joined the CCTV Program “May Flowers”

In the middle of April, 2016, following the 2016 CCTV Monkey Year Spring Festival Eve Show, our “Wings of Engine” team received the invitation from CCTV again for their "May Flowers" Program Recording in 2016.
After 22-hour travelling, the 11-person team composed by our teachers and students arrived at the CCTV studio, and conducted the rehearsal immediately. The model aircrafts used in this program was different from those used in the Spring Festival Show. A type of ball aircrafts was used this time. The team members were so devoted that they kept practicing simulators and aircrafts wherever they were, on the train or in a hotel. To ensure the successfulness of the program, they knew they could not have any neglect.
 “May Flowers” is another CCTV large program following the Spring Festival Eve Show. Over ten middle school and university students from all over the country gathered together to show the perfect image and unique charm of the new generation of China by means of graceful dancing, touching singing or the powerful martial arts etc.
For the purpose of "improving problem self-solving ability, cultivating a generation of aviation talents", “Wing of Engine” has been developing rapidly in recent years. So far it has joined 7 TV shows by 5 TV stations including CCTV. Hopefully, these shows would help the public understand more about the model aircraft and have more interest in them. Let's looking forward to the excellent performance of our “Wings of Engines”.
Source:International Office   Updated:2016-06-03